Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Observances of Astonishing Stupidity

Let's get right to it:
  • We live in a world where rabid, undisguised ambition is consistently rewarded over intelligence and morality. We are reminded of this every time we interact with supervisors who should be employed to shovel shit in eight to ten hour shifts instead of serving as obstacles to our workplace betterment. This isn't news to any of us. But on occasion, the inanity of those in positions of power becomes so painfully apparent that it gives pause to even the most cynical. The most recent, well-publicized example of this is the freshly arrested Governor of Illinois. Those of you who've been paying attention have already been given all sorts of exhaustive descriptions of Rod Blagojevich's brazen stupidity, so I'll spare you my two cents. I will say, though, that it is entirely possible that after we've all reached the bottom of this swamp, we won't have learned anything that we don't know already. The overwhelming majority of our leaders and bosses are both exceedingly dumb and unflinchingly corrupt.
  • I, like many others, saw this coming. In spite of the abysmal failures of Richard Wagoner, Robert Nardelli and Alan Mulally, the unions are taking the rap for the failure of American auto companies. Yesterday, Republicans shot down an eleventh hour bailout attempt because Republicans are insisting that the Big Three provide a time table for the virtual dismantling of union contracts. There's always a silver lining in every cloud and the Right is viewing this entire auto collapse as a way to defang unions once and for all. It's almost amusing. I don't remember them asking for so much as a handjob when they were shoveling out billions of dollars to banks.
  • I read a great deal. I've lived in and/or visited almost every state in the Union. I've traveled a bit. I've interacted with many different people from all walks of life. I'd like to think that I've pretty much heard it all. Today, though, I heard a woman utter a sentence that I've never heard anyone else say in my life. She said, "I hate water." I should point out that she wasn't talking about Joyce's snot-green, scrotum-tightening sea. She was referring to drinking water. I was dumbfounded - not so much by the fact that a human being can gin up a hatred of a the benign, life-lengthening substance that is at the center of our existence, but by the fact that she didn't see anything strange about it.
  • Last night, I had the distinct displeasure of watching the Celtics pound the listless, inept Washington Wizards. This is probably the fifth or sixth NBA game I've watched this season. I can now say unequivocally that I agree with Charles Barkley when he says that there is some bad basketball being played out there. This is frustrating. Not only because I love basketball but also because I have to remind myself that these bastards are being paid millions of dollars to throw bricks at the hoop, commit turnovers and give up early in the second quarter. Although I believe now that Michael Jordan is an unrepentant coon, I have to give him credit for never failing to give me my money's worth.
  • Speaking of which, who's more foolish? A fool or a person who pays a fool 20 million plus dollars a year to stay home? Say what you want about Mr. Marbury but he sure as hell knows how to make out in a recession.
Blaxplanation Disclaimer: OK. Obviously the November Project ran off of the rails. There's little excuse for it save for the fact that I felt piqued at the end of November. I didn't get to imbibe on Thanksgiving, by the way (in response to a few of you who attributed my non-posting to a long-standing hangover). Sometimes failure is just failure. I, unlike Chrysler, am taking full responsibility for my collapse.

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