Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Return

A great deal has happened since I last bothered to post.  I've been busy, but that's not really the reason that I haven't posted.  Frankly, I haven't posted because I haven't seen the point.  For months, the thought of blogging has exhausted me.  I've felt that posting my opinions wouldn't make any difference, anyway, given the relatively small reach I possess, and the fact that things seem to be getting worse and worse for the "average" American.

Still, I hate that I missed out on opportunities to strike while the political iron was still hot re: Obama defeating Hillary, Billy Bob Clinton's playing the perplexed pied piper after having lost his loyal black following, the misplaced anger of Hillary's supporters, McCain's sad and steady dismantling of his "maverick" image, his cynical pick of a wild-eyed, irresponsible, Northern redneck for a running mate, whites' predictable response to Sarah Palin, Obama's (nearly) perfect campaign run, etc.

I also hate that I neglected to hurl timely criticism at the Olympics and Michael Phelps Mania, note the untimely passing of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, and bitch about gas prices and the downward spiraling economy. 

Having noted this, I have to admit that on a number of occasions, I've strongly considered deleting Blaxplanation altogether.  As I mentioned, I just haven't been able to see the point.  Sometimes, when I post I feel as if it's just an exercise in narcissism.  It wasn't until I reminded myself of how many obligations (to family, friends, myself, former classmates, co-workers, my fraternity) that I've turned my back on in the past that I reconsidered erasing all that I've done and getting back to work.  So, I'm trying to look at this as a new beginning.  It doesn't matter that this blog isn't turning the world on it's ear.  Nor does it matter that, from time to time, my posts are ego-driven.  All that matters, for now, is that Blaxplanation is here for me to return to - and maybe that's the only point there needs to be.


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