Saturday, November 01, 2008

The November Project


There are three bloggers, each with his/her own unique voice, who I find consistently inspirational.

The first is Harold M. Clemens, the author of Ghetto Uprising. Truth be told, if I hadn't happened upon his blog, Blaxplanation would probably not exist. A couple of years ago, I read one of Harold's articles on After I read it, I made a beeline for Harold's blog and was so impressed that I thought I should start my own. Harold's writing, as well as his analysis, is ridiculously on point. So much so that after I read it I feel that I need to scrap some of my own inadequate ideas and go back to the drawing board.

The second blogger is Cliff, who brings his love for his people and community to life in Cliff's Crib. I've never met Cliff but he strikes me as one of those cats who you meet and immediately feel as if you've known your entire life. Cliff is the kind of cat who, if you don't like him, something is wrong with your ass. Cliff's writing is equal parts criticism of and affection for his people. Cliff's story is one of rebirth, rebuilding and commitment. When reading his words, I often feel as if I'm having a conversation with an old and dear friend.

Last but certainly not least is...well, I'm not exactly sure what alias to use. All you need to know about Mel is that soon enough, you will be reading one of her novels at two in the morning, red-eyed, depressed about how exausted you're going to be at work the next day, but completely incapable of putting it down. Mel's that sister who you see at the job everyday doing her thing. You may be astute enough to realize that she's intelligent. You may even have picked up on the fact that she's multilayered. But you'll never know the full story. It won't be until she makes moves and becomes your former coworker that it dawns on you that you were once in the presence of greatness on a daily basis.

Mel also has inspired me to blog once a day, every single day, for the entire month of November. I figure if she can write 2,000 words a day I can supply some meaningless meanderings for a short month. So this November, I write in solidarity.


At 2:31 AM , Anonymous B said...

yaaaaaay. though i kind of want to punch you. since i read this, i've been writing my ass off. this probably means that i'll force you to read it homes. thems is the breaks though.

when my kids ask why they're having cereal for breakfast, i'm going to tell them, "because your mother doesn't know how to act when she gets a compliment."

At 12:13 PM , Blogger decade number three said...

woo hoo! I can't wait to see what you have for us for a full month!

At 2:49 PM , Blogger BLESSD1 said...

Hey man...I check out Breez/Mamba...lawd knows how many more alter-egos and Harold M. everyday too. Oh...and you. You guys all write great stuff. As long as you keep producing, I'll keep checking you out. Thanks.


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