Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The (Ill-Considered) Rise of the Party People

The Evening of November 4, 2008

My wife recently received an invitation from an enthusiastic Obama supporter to attend a “Victory Celebration.” This event is set to take place on the occasion of Barack’s defeat of his doddering, arm-flailing Republican opponent. My wife, who’s been desirous of celebrating this historic event in one way or another, plans on going and has repeatedly chided me for my unwillingness to participate. I’ve also heard that many black folks are planning Obama victory parties all across the country.

Those of you who know me and/or read this blog should be familiar with my support of the good Senator from Illinois. This group should also know, by now, how deep my distrust of white America runs. Far be it from me to be a party pooper, but Obama-Mania has reached such a crescendo that I worry about the possible ramifications for black America should he lose. I fear for those who haven’t been paying attention to the last couple of elections. Hello? Voting “irregularities” occurred in both the 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio) elections - and I don’t need to remind any of you that these victories were stolen from wealthy white men. What makes you November 4th partygoers think that the same won’t happen in 2008? The entire election process has been deeply and repeatedly compromised. AND, as you might expect, to one degree or another, Bradley will be in effect. We can not allow our excitement to cloud our judgment. We need to take a page from the Book of Larry David and curb our enthusiasm.

A co-worker and I have a bet going. It’ll be the easiest money (well, truthfully we didn’t wager any money but I’m the type who relishes any kind of triumph, monetary or otherwise) I’ve ever made. The bet is based on her conviction that Obama will win Texas. TEXAS. This woman is intelligent, educated and generally cautious. But she’s so deluded by her love for Obama that she actually believes he’ll win a state that hasn’t gone Democrat in a national election since LBJ. She, like some others, has allowed her gusto to turn her into merely a fan as opposed to a clear thinking student of political history.

Again, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. I wholeheartedly believe that the symbolism of a black man winning the election can’t be understated. But an Obama victory will be, after all is said and done, just the beginning. This country is still a mess and, last time I checked, many of our people are still laboring as a part of a permanent underclass. Predictably, there will also be a great deal of white backlash with which to contend. So please. As many of you self-satisfactorily dip your brushes in the can to paint the White House black, I beg you to consider the work still left to be done – not only by Obama but also by us.

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At 10:07 AM , Anonymous b said...

i could not agree more. yesterday, while in a conversation with a coworker, she stated how she "loved mccain" (raised eyebrow), but she knew obama was going to have a landslide victory. i asked her what america she lived in, because i wanted to move there.

i am hopeful. i am optimistic. however, i know where i live, so i am also wary and watchful.

At 7:18 PM , Blogger Clifton said...

A strange thing has started happening as election night gets closer. There's a lot of black people I know who are starting to prepare themselves for white people not having the heart to do it. As a close friend of mine put it yesterday, "If he loses then I guess we keep on grinding the way we always have". This campaign has really exposed the lack of trust that black people have in other races. We know he has put in the work and deserves to win but we still can't be too certain.

At 11:13 AM , Blogger BLESSD1 said...

ACT...B...Clif...I know you're erring(?) on the side of caution, but you guys get ready; prepare for your first Black President. I hate to be foolhardy...and the republican trickeration machine is definitely in full-effect, but again, you guys....get ready. It's going to happen. I know this country has your faith in it shot, but this time...this one time, I believe its going to happen. Be ready :-)


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